Twitter Updates for 2009-02-18

  • i love getting calls from the Dr. offices the day after I go… even better when they call BEFORE they even open. #
  • @kevinkerik haha, no. yet, i almost forgot about it 20 min before I needed to be there. Lucky for me it’s 5 min away! #
  • @BeerBear are you making pretty patterns on your new walls? #
  • I think I have a tapeworm. I should name it something cool! I hope it’s one that has to come out of my body once a day, that’d be awesome! #
  • @pingfm or @twidroid is there a reason why my tweets aren’t showing up, yet people are responding to my tweets? #
  • What time is it? IT’s time to do the twoop. Let’s twoop again, like we did last summer… #
  • HOM’09: I still hate the word “per” and I always will. I just saw a sentance that used it 4 times and there was no reason to use any of … #
  • @katiepalm I see where you’re coming from with utilize. The person who wrote ‘per’ 4 times writes ‘anyways’ all the time, too! #
  • So Circuit City still going out of business like we all new that but they’re still on a receipt got. You can wi… #
  • I’m glad today is my short day. When I leave the normal job, all hell breaks look. I went g.raeme road rage on people, not christian bale! #
  • @jenjenfukker you’re having the same issue as @JhonenV. you should take them for a walk! in reply to jenjenfukker #
  • fuck yeah! the last tweet I did puts me 30 updates away from 4666! #
  • Reading and laughing at the new G2: (I’m laughing because I love my slide out keyboard) #
  • @HeatFan the G1 still looks better than the new sidekick! in reply to HeatFan #
  • @studiozeroseven LOL that’s funny shit right there! #
  • @heatfan i was talking about the sidekick that you linked us to #
  • @msmi I know. IT was one thing that sold me, other than the iPhone $. I wouldn’t mind the onscreen keyboard, but def the slide out rules #
  • @studiozeroseven not yet, but in that article i posted, the new Android is keyboard less, which means on board keyboard! #
  • @studiozeroseven Maybe that’s the reason we didn’t get that in the update. HTC could have easily held that for the new release #
  • @studiozeroseven *note to self don’t “clear data” for the browser inside the Manage Applications gimmick. I just wiped all my bookmarks, lol in reply to studiozeroseven #
  • RT @EmoJesus – ToT I’m a lame out of 100? Why do I have to be who I am? ToT #
  • @studiozeroseven you just got free publicity! Look at the bottom right corner #
  • @HeatFan You’re an fuck face asshole for using @EmoJesus to your advantage to get a higher rank on cursebird. @HeatFan for the win?!? #
  • I looked out the window, in the sky, riding on the oven with the funny hat, was the man without a funny hat sprinkling his white dandruff! #
  • @JhonenV tourettes not turrets in reply to JhonenV #

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