Twitter Updates for 2009-02-17

  • HOM’09: Why update some systems 2 years ago and then update the rest now?!? Wouldn’t have all these issues now, would we? #
  • What in Twitter hell is going on here? TwitRoid shows @itradio replys from MBC & Biff, but isn’t showing my HOM’09 WTFail? #
  • If you want to cry yourself to sleep, listen to DoucheCast (which is rumored to do a show tonight) @ 9p CST #
  • Dr appt went fine, won’t see him for 4 months instead of 3. My sure-click Embral shots work awesome! #
  • – Now this was a [huge] shrimp cocktail! #
  • Sitting in the room waiting to have blood drawn, thinking they forgot about me and my ass. #
  • I knew I had it today, but almost forgot my doctor appointment for my back and herion shot @ 11. Good thing it’s 5 min down the street! #
  • @BeerBear I hope IT’s Jim Carey. You need friends that won’t leave you alone. He’d like it if you took him for a ride on a fire truck I … #
  • @Pita13 & @HeatFan I was thinking it would have been my ass, but I forgot I don’t have an ass, so they wouldn’t have found veins! #
  • – My phone fell over draining IT’s battery #
  • I didn’t say this last night, but The Simpsons “now in HD” extended intro was kick ass! #
  • @HeatFan I hope your driving & have controll over the windows. You can rip major ass and knock out @Conwoman3 & @Haunted_girl #
  • Tuned in to Del the Funky Homosapian’s “11th Hour” and I think the album is kinda blah for a Del record. The beats are to simple for him! #
  • @jenjenfukker are the mashed tatters for @phattymcbiff? if I was biff, i’d be clapping and dancing and getting naked so I could jump in em! #
  • I can’t wait for our system to work correctly. IT’s super old telling patients theres a huge glitch in our system which we can’t fix for … #
  • @VooDooStevie I’m not sure about that new Mtn Dew can. IT’s much better than the gay ass one that was just released last month! #
  • IF FaceBook owns anything past/present/future that I’ve uploaded, and IT’s copywritten, FaceBook can get sued for that & not me?!? LOT!!! #
  • Don’t poop in my yard! I could care less if your dog takes a shit, but you dropping trou is gross when I eat breakfast! #
  • Man, my night is packed with TV! I gotta shower NOW! New SpongeBob then House & 24?!? #
  • If you are a fan of Facebook’s new TOS, upload tracks from: Metallica, The Beatles, Led Zepplin! Oh yeah, and Happy Birthday! LOT #
  • @phattymcbiff & @xxabsentxx FAT DUDES, @ijustine is stealing your name! she’s starting “Ask ik”?!?!? She must be a fan to steal your shit! #
  • I’m watching 25 with the Goober. Bethany and Mabel are sleeping in bed and Lucy is chillin’ in the cat stand box. #
  • Attn AskaFatDude fans, @ijustine is stealing their gimmick by starting “Ask ij”. Don’t forget, Biff & Rooster wanted an interview!!?!! WTF! #
  • I’m ToT right now. @xxabsentxx just went off on @ijustine during Ask A Fat Dude’s DoucheCast for stealing “ask” from them w/her new “ask ij” #

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